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IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare

IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare

As technological advancements continue to impact every sector of life, new tech advancements such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain have become a significant part of mobile healthcare too. Electronic patient databases, virtual hospitals, and ambulatory clinics are just some of the latest emerging trends in healthcare. After all, health is undoubtedly the most essential thing in life. 

Healthcare is now relying on computers in the hope of improving patient care, cutting costs and easing the workload of healthcare staff. As the years pass, we are finding ourselves reaching a point where one doesn’t even need to step out of the house to consult a doctor. In fact, our data can be accessed by doctors safely through a mobile phone too. Life-saving diagnosis can now be made online. 

While no technology can replace doctors completely, a computerized system provides a secure platform for those who live in remote areas and are not able to access healthcare facilities readily. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT, people have to make fewer visits to the doctor and can stay inter-connected through a computer or mobile phones only. 

Hence, it’s no surprise that these three subjects continue to dominate the field of mobile healthcare in the years to come. Let us take a look at these three technologies in detail and how they will they become cornerstones in healthcare.


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